Wealth Intelligence Planning & Consulting in Los Angeles

Wealth Intelligence Planning & Consulting in Los Angeles encompasses the improvement of the various functions related to prospect research, prospect management, wealth screening, and prospecting. These functions support your Los Angeles, CA fundraising team by providing qualified prospects, segmented lists and actionable wealth intelligence.

We begin with an onsite audit of your current wealth intelligence and prospect research operation.

We work with you to develop a plan to provide and maintain a pool of qualified prospects for your team and a strategy to provide actionable wealth intelligence on an ongoing basis.

During the audit, we meet with your Los Angeles, CA team from researchers to gift officers to leadership — to determine what your current capabilities are and what your team wants and needs to ensure a high performing wealth intelligence system.

Our plans address the identification and qualification of new prospects, maintaining a qualified prospect pipeline, and providing ongoing prospect research, screening, prospecting and analytical support.

Our clients have used these plans to implement game changing improvements to the prospecting and research operations that support major gift, campaign, annual fund, planned giving and other fundraising efforts.

Examples of our work include:

  • Starting and improving Grateful Patient Program wealth screening programs
  • Wealth screening and researching admission families, new parents and grandparents
  • Developing systems to regularly screen donor records for actionable ratings, scores and values
  • Implementing analytics and modeling for campaign, major gift, annual fund and planned giving (one campaign model was used to exceed $18 million target by $2 million)
  • Recruit and hire director of prospect research and support staff
  • Acquire best in class resources for individual prospect research, wealth screening, prospecting, analytics and modeling
  • Training research staff on prospect research, wealth screening, analytics and modeling
  • Developing procedures to build and maintain qualified prospect pools for MGOs

Clients who have benefitted from our planning services include:

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Our CEO, Dave Chase, began developing prospect research and wealth intelligence plans in 2001. If you would like to learn more about how we could help you with wealth intelligence planning & consultation in Los Angeles, CA, call Dave at (508) 790-2500, or click the contact button below.