Upcoming and Past Conference Presentations

Dave Chase, founder, and CEO, is a frequent speaker on topics related to philanthropy, prospect research, wealth intelligence. He presents nationally at conferences including the Association of Prospect Researchers for Advancement (APRA), New England Association for Healthcare Philanthropy (NEAHP), and the Association for Fundraising Professionals (AFP).

Dave has presented to groups ranging from 30 to 300+.

Please feel free to reach out if you would like to discuss presenting at an upcoming conference.

New England Development Research Association

2018 Annual Conference (Newport, RI) April 26-27

SESSION: Analytical Approach to Board Development & Philanthropy – Using prospect research, analytics and modeling to identify, qualify and cultivate non-profit board members – from the perspective of a seasoned prospect researcher and data miner who is a board member, nominating committee member and development committee chair for a $12 million non-profit. Learn how prospect research can partner with development, the CEO, and the board to build a strong and philanthropic board, avoid controversial appointments and identify leaders and connections. Dave Chase, CEO, Chase Solutions, Inc.


New England Association for Healthcare Philanthropy
2018 Annual Conference (Woodstock, Vermont) March 4-6

SESSION: Building a Philanthropic Board (Give Until it Hurts!) – This interactive discussion will explore how organizations can build a strong board of directors who give (and get) until it hurts. Topics include implementing a philanthropic audit, facilitating retirement of members, recruiting and asking for commitments form new members, building a farm for future members, reviewing success and moving to the next level. Presenters will share real life examples as a seasoned non-profit founder and board member who have worn many hats! Dave Chase, CEO, Chase Solutions, Inc. and Jessica Symonds, Director of Major Gifts and Campaigns, South Shore Health System Foundation


APRA (Association for Prospect Researchers in Advancement, 2007 -)

“Freelance Prospect Research”, “The Business of Prospect Research”, “Old Money”


NEDRA (New England Development Research Association, 1999 -)

“Compensation and Ownership in Public Companies – Analyzing Proxies, SEC Filings and other Documents” with Charlie Carr from MIT, “Evaluating Private Companies”, “Freelance Prospect Research”


AFP (Association of Fundraising Professionals, Massachusetts and Rhode Island Chapters, 1999 -)

“Development in Cyberspace”, “Old Money”, “Prospect Management”, “Red State-Blue State” (value of political giving to fundraising), “Prospect Research – A Collaborative Approach”


NEAHP (New England Association for Healthcare Philanthropy, 1999 -)

“Prospect Management”, “Options for Prospect Research”, “Seasonal Philanthropy”, “Best Practices in Healthcare Philanthropy”, “Successful Major Gift & Campaign Prospecting”, “The Art of Prospecting Technology”


NEACDO (New England Association for Catholic Development Officers)

“Options for Prospect Research”, “e-philanthropy”


Philanthropy Partners of the Cape & Islands (2002)

“Prospect Research on a Shoestring”, “Philanthropy Primer” (faculty), “Philanthropic Prospecting on Steroids”, “Seasonal Philanthropists”


ISANNE (Independent Schools Association of Northern New England)

“Options for Prospect Research”


MIE (Management Information Exchange, 2012)

“Major Gift Prospecting – Tools & Strategy”

Comprehensive Solutions

Our team of seasoned professionals provide a comprehensive solution: in-depth prospect research, outsourcing, consulting, training, mentoring and coaching, prospect research audits and plans, developing prospect research programs, wealth screening management, screening validation, finding new prospects and funders, corporate and foundation research, and special projects.