“The secret of success is to know something nobody else knows.” – Aristotle Onassis

Knowing who your best prospects are is critical to success in philanthropy. Chase Solutions provides a one-stop solution for your wealth information needs. We can identify your most promising prospects (MPPs) in your database, or in DonorSearch’s national database of 240 million people. We can provide tools for you to do your own research and screenings – or we can do it for you. We can train your team, mentor you, audit your current prospecting and research approach and develop a plan to bring you to the next level.

We are here to identify and support your wealth intelligence and prospect research needs.

Freelance Prospect Research Network

Our Freelance Prospect Research Network and International Prospect Research Network offer professional and affordable outsourcing solutions.

Custom Prospect Research Solutions

Unrivaled prospect research, training, planning and related services from national leader, in prospect research and wealth intelligence for Philanthropy, and a team of experienced professionals.

DonorSearch Partnership

Consulting and Reselling Partner with DonorSearch to access powerful array of wealth intelligence services. Offering clients subscriptions, concierge support and screening management by one of the nation’s top authorities on using DonorSearch for wealth intelligence, individual research, wealth screening, prospecting and predictive modeling.

Seminars & Training

We offer custom training for prospect research, wealth screening, analytics and modeling by seasoned professionals and industry leaders. We also offer half and full day seminars on prospect research and wealth intelligence.

Presentations & Conferences

We present nationally at conferences on topics related to prospect research, wealth screening, analytics and modeling, and the use of technology for philanthropy.

Wealth Intelligence Planning

Wealth Intelligence Planning encompasses the improvement of the various functions related to prospect research, prospect management, wealth screening, and prospecting. These functions support your fundraising team by providing qualified prospects, segmented lists and actionable wealth intelligence.


Comprehensive Prospect Research & Wealth Screening Services

Our team of seasoned professionals provide a comprehensive solution: in-depth prospect research, outsourcing, consulting, training, mentoring and coaching, prospect research audits and plans, developing prospect research programs, wealth screening management, screening validation, finding new prospects and funders, corporate and foundation research, and special projects.