Boston University’s first-ever fundraising campaign has led to tremendous success with alumni and parents who have gone from no giving history to six- and seven-figure commitments to the institution in under 18 months. What are some of the factors that account for this success, which disrupts the traditional giving cycle predicated on pipeline-building through annual gifts? What motivates prospects to become major donors to an organization that they have never supported before and what role does targeted cultivation strategy play in this process?

In this panel, we will present several case studies where BU major gift officers developed effective strategies to identify a prospect’s specific interest areas and provide highly-customized cultivation experiences that led to accelerated solicitations and gift closures. We will consider the role that institutional leadership, deans, faculty members, and students can play in advancing gift conversations at a high pace and discuss ways of tailoring cultivation strategy to create deeply meaningful opportunities for donor engagement and support.

Using the case studies, we will address ways in which the lack of prior engagement with the organization can be made into an opportunity. How can institutions with a limited history of prospect outreach and lack of philanthropic culture lead prospects toward meaningful engagement? What are some of the most productive cultivation strategies that can be used in this process and are some campus partners more effective than others?

Finally, we will consider the challenges major gift officers encounter when faced with the task of identifying those never-givers that warrant attention and cultivation from a vast pool of prospects. What are some of the signs we can look for that indicate potential for further engagement and support?

Please note, the attendance for this session is first come, first served. However, the session will be recorded and if you do not attend live, you will receive the recording once it’s available.

Hank Geng, Senior Leadership Gift Officer, Arts & Sciences, Boston University
Omer Ziyal, Director, Leadership Gifts, New England, Boston University

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