Apra Indiana

LOCATION: Webinar.

Join Stephanie Brouwer, data/research manager at Marian University and Apra Indiana vice president for an informal webinar that will focus on some of the following:

  • What projects do you focus on if your organization has temporarily stopped asking for gifts?
  • How can you research more effectively for the future?
  • How can you get a seat at the table to suggest some of the ideas you are hearing in webinars?
  • How do you stay organized at home to get your projects done?
  • What are some FREE professional development opportunities to take advantage of?



LOCATION: Maine Medical Center, Dana Room 3, 22 Bramhall Street, Portland, ME Ever wondered how much Hedge Fund managers earn? OR how much a CFO made at an IPO? OR where to find the charitable giving code in an insider holding filing? Come learn about public SEC forms to identify and confirm wealth indicators. We’ll be exploring direct and indirect stock holdings, valuing restricted stock units, salary and other compensation including expense reimbursements and retirement compensation, company ownership/controlling interest and other assets. Forms we’ll review include: Forms 3 and 4, Proxies (DEF14A), ADV Forms (Investment Management Firms), brochures and more.

Location: Online Webinar

NEDRA Research Basics Bootcamp is a full day of instruction in the essentials of prospect research. This training is a must for those new to research or those who have had research added to their roles. No experience in the field is necessary to begin learning how to apply professional research methodologies. This full day of learning will cover such subjects as:

  • The Strategic Role of Advancement Research
  • Prospect Research Fundamentals
  • The Ethical Researcher
  • Advancement Research Sources and Methodology
  • Assessing Gift Capacity
  • Presenting Research

Lisa Foster is the Director of Prospect Development at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts.

Tara McMullen-King is Assistant Director of Research and Consulting at the Helen Brown Group,.