PART 1 (June 4): Will cover the basics of nonprofit finances including Fiscal Management.

Faculty: A. Michael Gellman, CPA, CGMA, Fiscal Strategies 4 Nonprofits

Cost: $99 (members) to $150

During these difficult times, many nonprofit organizations are looking to stabilize finances and improve sustainability to stay viable. This all-day session will give you valuable tools needed to develop financial practices and oversight that will strengthen your financial management systems and improve accountability to your board of directors, donors and the general public.

The session begins by exploring the key differences in accounting practices between nonprofit organizations and for-profit entities, with a focus on issues related to sponsorships, grants and contributions. Next, we will discuss the key components of nonprofit financial statements so you will have the skills necessary to ask probing questions, and teach your board how to identify “red flags.” Group problem solving and a case study will be used to provide an opportunity to try out your new learned skills.

Additional take home resources related to the critical elements of financial accountability and transparency will be provided from three perspectives; financial accountability to the general public, to board of directors and leadership, and from staff and management. Three check lists will be supplied to help assist you with improving your financial accountability and transparency and understanding your critical role in this oversight.

Part 2 (June 5) Provides a better understanding of Financial Management Projection-Based Budgeting and the Budget Process (NOTE: Registering for Part 1 automatically registers you for Part 2 on June 5 as well. If you cannot attend Part 2,  reach out to Sean Sweeney at

Faculty: A. Michael Gellman, CPA, CGMA, Fiscal Strategies 4 Nonprofits

Given the current difficult economy, being financially nimble is now a necessity. In this second session we will discuss how budgets can be used to adapt to changing economic conditions and protect your organization’s resources. This interactive presentation will explore the concepts behind projection-based budgeting and how to fully integrate the non-financial manager, staff and board member into the budget process to help your organization realize its full potential and maximize the use of its limited resources.

Discover how budgets can be the catalyst to interactive sharing of information and resources between management, board and staff. Participants will be fully engaged through the use of a series of rolling budget case studies that they will have to directly interpret and analyze. Concepts will be explained based on the use of direct real-life situations. This workshop will also explore the budgeting process, emphasizing how budgets work and how to make budgets work for you. You will receive valuable guidance on planning, the budget cycle, budget reporting and budget preparation techniques. Participants will leave with sample projection-based dashboards they can adapt for use with their board of directors.

National Association of Nonprofit Organizations & Executives

NANOE’s 2019 Convention & Expo offers capacity-building guidelines for nonprofits.

Associated Grant Makers

LOCATION: New England Aquarium, 1 Central Wharf, Boston, MA 02110

Join AGM for the reveal of “A New AGM”! AGM recently completed a strategic planning process, and is launching a new strategic direction beginning this fall. AGM has long been an association of more than grantmakers, with over 525 Nonprofit Partners, and philanthropy members doing more than just make grants including provide resources and support such as human and intellectual capital, conduct and publish research, host convenings, and contribute other important assets to the field. Join AGM at the Annual Meeting for this monumental moment to learn more about its new strategy and be one of the first to hear AGM’s new name!

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Judy Belk, President and CEO of The California Wellness Foundation. Ms. Belk is a frequent writer and speaker on organizational ethics, race and social change. Her work has been recognized with several state and national awards. Ms. Belk’s pieces have aired on National Public Radio and appeared in The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post. She has been a passionate voice in raising awareness of the needs of women and girls, as well as communities of color. Throughout her career, Ms. Belk has been a strong advocate in promoting diversity, inclusion and equity both within and outside of the philanthropic sector.